Ash Wednesday, or Two Bird Houses for Your Soul

The Two Bird House Tree on 12th Street
Photo taken this morning by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.
Wed 03.09.11 – I was raised vaguely Presbyterian and spent most of my twenties and early thirties attending a Vineyard church, so I am more than a bit oblivious about the Lenten traditions be they Fat Tuesday (Marti Gras), Ash Wednesday, and the 40 days that follow up to Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday was what was celebrated when I was growing up, and then Easter week as an adult but not the full 40 days up to.
While I have not celebrated Lent before, I do appreciate the idea of giving up something in your life for 40 days as a spiritual discipline. This year, I have decided that I will celebrate my first Lenten season by giving up thinking about & reading about Nokia+Microsoft alliance, as it has not been good for my soul to keep gnawing at it. To that end, I promised my Twitter followers yesterday that I would not tweet about Microsoft for the next 40 days. I can tweet about Nokia, but not the behemoth from Redmond.
Lent” by Christina Rossetti (c. 1886)
It is good to be last not first,
Pending the present distress;
It is good to hunger and thirst,
So it be for righteousness.
It is good to spend and be spent,
It is good to watch and to pray:
Life and Death make a goodly Lent
So it leads us to Easter Day.