Stuck in Traffic, Driving Home from the Vet

Stuck in Traffic, left - Scruffy chewing a limb, right - Belle *Ecstatically* happy (aka on doggy surgery drugs)
Wed 01.12.11 – 5:58pm – I could have entitled this post, “Belle, post-surgery, coming down off of general anesthesia, ecstatically happy, about to tip over”.
Belle is now the proud possessor of 4 staples, about 6 x 3 inches of shaved fur, and breath that smells of dancing unicorn farts. I am sure tomorrow when all the happy anesthesia has worn off she won’t be quite so happy. The ride home on the 22 fwy with two accidents making traffic very stopped was made better by Belle’s extra extra extra happy mood.
Per usual, thanks to Dr. Kali at North Tustin Veterinary Clinic for an excellent vet experience.