Tidbits :: Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things happened today. Photos gotten taken, but not posted.
What I did do today is spend another 6-8 hours fiddling with VituralBox, Windows, calling Windows Customer Service, installing Linux on VirtualBox, attempting to install and test the various components of Qt on Linux and Mac, etc. Basically, a whole day on my computer setting up a dev environment. More on this later.
Here are some links to some interesting tidbits:
Small Surfaces on Is the phone the next Swiss Army Knife?:

“Fortunately, mobile phones don’t get bigger when you install new software on them. But there’s been a long-standing debate about the utility of strong-specific digital tools (e.g. the digital camera) and weak-general tools (the camera-phone).”

The LA Times on Engelmann oaks, better than beautiful:

“You don’t have to be a descendant of one of the fathers of American botany to share in what De Fato recalls as his pleasure and amazement. The arboretum’s grove of Quercus engelmannii, pictured above, is one of the last local stands of a native tree once so common to the foothills that an alternate common name is the Pasadena oak.
The first thing that strikes you upon reaching this group of roughly 200 trees is how much more animated it is by birds, butterflies and scampering lizards than the more cultivated parts of the garden.
The second is that it is drop-dead beautiful.
Better than beautiful. Engelmanns are the oak lover’s oak.”

Make your own DUCK BACON. Yes, Duck Bacon!
Camont on Duck Prosciutto-Charcutepalooza Challenge#1. My Duck Bacon.