Tidbits :: The Wikileaks Edition

Quote of the Day:

“Wow! Assange cornered and detained, his bank account closed, Paypal refuses to accept donations from him and his lawyers are being harassed. All that mess for a broken condom?
In other news, the Bin Laden family is still wealthy.”
– Anon, Comment #82, Boing Boing post on Assange arrested in Britain

More on the WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange’s arrest:
The Guardian’s WikiLeaks US embassy cables: live updates : This is a great, big round up of live blogged links, excerpts, and commentary from The Guardian.
Mefi discusses Julian Assange Turns Himself In
Salon’s Glenn Greenwald on The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks
Patrick Nielsen Hayden of Making Light on I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of people suddenly facepalmed and then were silent: Commenter #7, Steve C, “And in related news, the TSA will celebrate the Fourth Amendment.”
Update on 12.08.10:
Evan Hanson in Wired on Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America: “Instead of encouraging online service providers to blacklist sites and writing new espionage laws that would further criminalize the publication of government secrets, we should regard WikiLeaks as subject to the same first amendment rights that protect The New York Times. And as a society, we should embrace the site as an expression of the fundamental freedom that is at the core of our Bill of Rights, not react like Chinese corporations that are happy to censor information on behalf of their government to curry favor.”