Six Years of Moblogging: Best of ….

Nov. 22, 2005: Ms. Jen: Self Portrait

Well, this was silly of me. Really silly of me to promise you all that I would go through each year of mobile photo blogging and then highlight the best of each year.
Yesterday, Friday, I went through each post from 2005 and picked out about 12-14 photos that were my favorite. This took over 2 hours. By the time I was done selecting, I didn’t have time to make thumbnails and then write the post. Today, I also blanched about taking another couple hours to finish up 2005 and then do 2006, amongst all the other work and personal related things I had to do today.
Sorry to tease y’all with my over-ambition but this week is very busy and I don’t think I will get to daily photo essay of each year.
Here is the list of URLs that I selected yesterday, feel free to go view them.
01.17.05 –
02.02.05 –
03.12.05 –
04.09.05 –
06.04.05 –
06.13.05 –
07.01.05 –
07.10.05 –
09.10.05 –
10.31.05 –
11.07.05 –
11.22.05 –
12.03.05 –
12.06.05 –
12.09.05 –
12.19.10 –
All the photos above where taken, to the best of my knowledge, with my Nokia 7610.
The really interesting part about taking the time to go over all of my blog posts from 2005 was how hopeful I was that year. I would like to be that hopeful again.