Nokia Developer Outreach Suggestions for Chanse

Chanse Arrington Tweet
Yesterday, Chanse Arrington asked on Twitter:

“What are some things I should be doing in 2011 to get more developers on board with Nokia in the US?”

Here are my suggestions as a designer | developer who has been working on an app or two for the Nokia ecosystem:
1) Take over the Forum Nokia twitter account and use it to update followers on what is new content on Forum Nokia and what is new in developer tools for Nokia. Right now the @forumnokia twitter account is just a mimic to the various Nokia marketing tweets that are going around, but it could be SO MUCH MORE.
The Forum Nokia website is a bit of a beast and many useful parts are updated frequently but there is not a full RSS feed for the whole site and the new content is difficult to find, so use Twitter as that RSS feed. Let us know what new articles have been added, let us know about additions to the wiki, use twitter to highlight the best and most useful of Forum Nokia today not just what the upper dudes at marketing think are important this week.
Also use this twitter account to announce webinars, cool mobile & dev conferences (even non-Nokia), contests, blog posts by mobile devs who are writing about Qt/dev tutorials and tips, and what the community is up to, feature apps, etc. And like @NokiaCareUS and @womworldnokia, have @forumnokia have a set of photos of the tweeters for the account & their names so that it personalizes the account.
Use Twitter to make us excited about Forum Nokia’s content and thus excited about developing for Nokia devices.
2) Convince the Qt folk to make sure that the full Mac Qt with Symbian & Qt Mobility gets released extra super soon. Like it or not North American mobile app developers love their Macs, even if Nordic/Europeans are still PC/Windows committed. If you want to win over North America, get all of the Nokia dev tools fully working on Mac & Linux as well as Windows dev platforms. Steve Jobs has kindly convinced developers to dump their PCs for Macs over the last five plus years, so rather than fight it or be angry about it just give us all the tools we need to develop without hassle or dual boots or having to switch to another OS. Be developer OS agnostic, make great tools that work across the platforms so that developers can create great mobile apps.
3) Highlight the Qt Quick and other Nokia web runtime tools to web designers and developers on Twitter to show them how easy it is to transfer their current skill set of HTML/CSS/Javascript to developing apps for Nokia devices. There are quite a few great tools for web designers to start creating mobile apps, but they need to know where to start. Highlight videos, webinars, and online blog / Forum Nokia tutorials on how to create mobile web apps and mobile web sites from scratch.
Many of the current resources are native mobile app focused with the assumption that the developers have a full four year computer science bachelors background and are now Java or C++ engineers at large companies, when there are tons and tons of web designers and developers out there who could be reached but are currently being alienated by the current offerings.
Case in point, this last week’s Forum Nokia webinar on Qt Quick, where the presenter just assumed that the audience were C++ programmers who had already created Qt desktop apps and were moving into mobile, rather than presenting the material as a great place for web designers & developers with javascript experience to get started with Qt Quick / QML and mobile app development.
I have more ideas, but a great Forum Nokia twitter account, fully powered Qt for Mac with Mobility and Symbian, and a real outreach to web designers & developers is where I would start.

3 thoughts on “Nokia Developer Outreach Suggestions for Chanse

  1. all good points, the qt stuff is on mac’s I’m using it
    but it does come on windows first.
    boot camp is your friend 🙂
    I love flowella, its super useful even for iOS development. nothing beats being able to show a client an app on a device, even if it is a mock up.
    AT nokia dev summit / world there was some super useful lab sessions, where you could walk though a sample app, with experts on hand – worth its weight in gold. Sadly nokia dev summit was in with nokia world, nice for the keynotes, but not the €900 price tag.
    What would really rick is a version of QT that also targeted android. never goign to happen but that would be sweet. The big issue with having to dev for iOS/android/symbian/WP7 is lack of cross code compatibility and the cose of porting. If QT published to symbian/meego and android, devs would flood to it.

  2. Hi Mac (Chris),
    Agreed. Agreed. Agreed.
    Flowella should be marketed beyond the Nokia folks. Nokia Dev should be $400 or less (£250).
    But your last point would be Awesome (and I mean that in the dictionary definition of the word), if Qt gave one the choice to also publish/render to Android at the very least along with Symbian and Maemo/Meego.
    Bootcamp… As for my machine, due to an amusing “I won’t have Windows, but I will have Linux” moment three weeks ago, my MBP is currently a Mac OS X / Ubuntu dual boot with Qt & Qt Mobility set up on the Ubuntu side.
    smiles, jen ;o)

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