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Goodbye 2010

Not actually Sunset, but about an hour before on New Year's Eve

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.
Fri 12.31.10 – Goodbye 2010, I am not sure I will miss you. Maybe I will in later years, but not right now. I had hoped for good things this year, and the flat mundanity of it all plus a couple of punctures deflated such hopes. It wasn’t all bad, but the good parts were a bit too few and far between.
Ciao bello.

Confessions of a Failed Movie Watcher

Ok, so I have lived without a TV since 1986 and in the last 20 years or so, I have seen maybe one movie at the theatre once every 3 or so years.
People, I am a failed movie watcher. I try.
I have been trying with Netflix for two years now. I have 50 some odd movies in my Netflix queue, attempting to catch up on all the movies I have missed in my neglectful ways. I started with 2 movies a month and well, that was a grand fiasco. This time last year, I moved to 1 a month.
On Feb. 24, 2010, Netflix mailed me a movie that I have wanted to watch for years. I tried several times to get through it and I finally admitted defeat this week and mailed it back.
Ten months later.
I opened my mailbox today and there was another red envelope. Those bastards.
Let the new cycle of unwatched movie guilt begin.

Bruce Sterling on WikiLeaks

I love a good Bruce Sterling rant / essay / rambling all over the place critique. The Blast Shack on Wikileaks and its worldwide cultural / political ramifications is one of Bruce’s best in recent years, even if his thesis is a bit surprising coming out of the man who has in the past revered all things cyber & cypherpunk.

“The reason this upsets me is that I know so many people just like Bradley Manning. Because I used to meet and write about hackers, “crackers,” “darkside hackers,” “computer underground” types. They are a subculture, but once you get used to their many eccentricities, there is nothing particularly remote or mysterious or romantic about them. They are banal. Bradley Manning is a young, mildly brainy, unworldly American guy who probably would have been pretty much okay if he’d been left alone to skateboard, read comic books and listen to techno music.
Instead, Bradley had to leak all over the third rail. Through historical circumstance, he’s become a miserable symbolic point-man for a global war on terror. He doesn’t much deserve that role. He’s got about as much to do with the political aspects of his war as Monica Lewinsky did with the lasting sexual mania that afflicts the American Republic.”

Sit down and read the whole essay, even if you don’t agree with Bruce on many points. And if like me you are an annual regular at his SXSW free-for-all, you can hear his voice telling you his thoughts as you read The Blast Shack on the whole WikiLeaks v. the Superpower.