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Hernandez Baby 2.0 and Randall Baby 3.0 Have Arrived!!

This afternoon two new & lovely babies arrived on the planet:
At 3:21pm Texas time (aka 1:21 Pacific time), #MyBaby3.0 was delivered to Family Randall. Congrats to Dustin, his lady wife, and the whole family.

And at 1:59pm Pacific time
, Baby Boy Hernandez 2.0 arrived in Long Beach, California to Paige and Alex Hernandez!!! Congratulations to Alex, Paige, Diego and all the Hernandez and McCormick families.
Yay! New babies only 38 minutes apart! One girl and one boy! Yay!
Alex sent me a cute MMS photo of Paige and the new baby within the hour. I am very glad that the baby has arrived safely and with a full shock of dark hair.
Happy 22nd of November, 2010!
Update on 11.23.10 – Baby Hernandez 2.0 has been named Greyson Archer Hernandez. Yay, Greyson, welcome!

Tidbits :: Friday November 19, 2010

I deem today to be UX Friday. For your reading pleasure:
Peter Merholz on The Pernicious Effects of Advertising and Marketing Agencies Trying To Deliver User Experience Design with the blockbuster quote being one of the in article headlines, “Ad agencies are the new music industry”. Go read it.
Janet M. Six at UX Matters on “Going Mobile, Part II: When to Go Mobile | Reuse Your Web Design or Start from Scratch?
Marek Pawlowski in UX Magazine on “Mobile User Experience Trends on the Horizon
Luke W on “Different Approaches to Mobile App Design

Hello HTML5…

By HTML5, I don’t mean the hyped up Everything But the Kitchen Sink HTML5 that has been peddled the last two years by various internet and technology companies, but I mean the semantic web markup language that is the successor to HTML 4.
I have spent the last few years watching as my early bleeding edge adopter friends have been talking about, blogging about, and writing about HTML5, all the while hearing fantastic claims from various members of the the tech related or marketing crowd. I have been somewhat skeptical, as I am a big fan of the stripped down, rigid framework of XHTML 1.0.
I like minimalism. I like my code separated from my presentation and behavior. HTML5 from the beginning looked like a big ole’ pot of jambalya rather than the straight, clean formalism of XHMTL. When the W3C announced that there would be no XHTML 2.0, I knew it was only a matter of time before I caved and joined the HTML5 bandwagon.
While that time has come for this blog to convert to HTLM5, my little XHTML/Python coding soul and typing fingers will most likely be still stripping down the code and working on how to get this blog really lean and mean, even if HTML5 is still in its early days and is not a full spec at this point.
Give me a few weeks to settle in with, tweak, and rummage around the new HTML5 code base, please be patient. I have tested it thoroughly on Mac & Ubuntu, but not on Windows. Right now I have only access to IE8, as my old 2004 Dell with a dual boot of IE6 and IE7 died on Tuesday and has gone off to e-recycling heaven.
If you have access to a PC with IE6 or IE7, please take a screen shot of the front page of the blog and of this page, and email the screenshots to me noting which version of Windows & which version of IE (ex: Win XP/IE6, Vista/IE7, etc). I am using Remy Sharp’s HTML5 shiv to make the code work in all versions of Internet Explorer, but if you see quirks, please let me know.
Over time, I am sure I will continue to explore HTML5 in more depth but right now, I am happy how this little experiment in transferring the markup of this blog from XHTML to HTML5 has gone.

Goodbye XHTML, I Love You. It Was a Good Seven Years.

Ok, friends, family, colleagues, and drive bys compliments of search engines, please be prepared for MAJOR BLOG CONSTRUCTION.
I am going to completely overhaul this blog in the next two days and switch from my somewhat modified XHTML 1.0 Movable Type templates to HTML5 code and templates of my own creation. As is my want for my own blog, I will be doing this live and not in a test dev/stage server type thing. Be prepared for a bit of a bumpy ride and you might see a peak behind the curtain, hang tight.
Wish me well, I am diving in.