Nokia N8: No Flash, Flash in a Red Room

Nokia N8, No Flash: At Alex's Bar Nokia N8, Flash: At Alex's Bar

Photos taken by Ms. Jen at Alex’s Bar on Fri 11.12.10 with her Nokia N8.

Sat 11.13.10 – Last night I helped out Alex and worked the front door at the bar for the Ill Repute / Fang show that Ron Martinez put on. I used the opportunity of my favorite low light photography challenge to see how the Nokia N8 does at taking photos inside of Alex’s, as the walls are all painted a deep red and suck the light out of photos making most photography dashedly difficult even with a flash.
With both the flash turned off and the flash turned on the Nokia N8 did a great job at capturing the scene and not either whiting out with the flash or being completely dark without the flash. Due to being at the door all night, I was not able to see how it performed in taking photos of the bands on stage.
Next time.