NaBloPoMo, Sleeping, and All Saints Day

Today, the 1st of November, is the start of annual November National Blog Posting Month, where folks blog daily. It is also the start of NaNoWriMo (write a novel in one month!) and NaVloPoMo (video yourself & friends daily!).
Per usual, I am encouraging you, dear reader, to take up the challenge this month and flex your creativity muscles with daily practice – go blog, vlog, write, photoblog, etc!

It is November 1st and my absolute favorite time of the year just started a week or two ago, the Sleep Season. For reasons of temperature and light, I tend to sleep badly in the summer as I wake up every hour or two, as a result I spend most of the summer hot, a bit grumpy, and sleep deprived.
Enter the most lovely time of year… The nights are longer and they are chillier here in SoCa, which is relative, as it is now 58F at night rather than 68-72F. Thus, I am sleeping all the way through the night – whole 6-7 hours at ago with two blankets on! During the day, I have been awake and cheerful for the last week or so.
Last night was All Hallow’s Eve, tomorrow is All Soul’s Day, so that makes today All Saint’s Day!
As a person who was raised vaguely Protestant, I continue – even after study & inquiry – to be baffled by the Catholic tradition of Saints and the Virgin Mary. I do appreciate the idea of celebrating your favorite historical or mythic personage who did cool things in the name of Jesus or a goddess or whatever deity that was then popular and later got subsumed into the Catholic Church.
In that vein, I will stand with Jason Boyett today and recommend that Christopher Hitchens become the official Saint of:

Because I like what Hitch says about almost anything, and there would be nothing more fascinating than hearing his take on the afterlife.
St. Hitch: the patron saint of cancer-sufferers, atheists, and withering pundits.

If you haven’t already, go read Hitchen’s Vanity Fair piece – Topic of Cancer.