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Farewell November and NaBloPoMo

Lightbulb vs. the last of the Sunset

Tues 11.30.10 – Photo of the brilliant end of sunset sky and laundry room light early this evening by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8, no photo editing or color correcting.
Fare the well to November and the annual NaBloPoMo! One more month of 2010 and then on to a new year.

Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend

View from my front door
Sun 11.28.10 – Today dawned bright, clear, chilly, and windy after last night’s drive-by rainstorm. I woke up with a long-ish mental to-do list, as there is so much to do to prepare for this upcoming week. The Thanksgiving break was spent catching up sleep, quiet time, reading the latest on mobile app creation, and working on some programs.
So many plans for today were derailed by the wind and chill as well as helping some friends with their computer, but I was glad to stay in and enjoy one last quiet day of Thanksgiving weekend before tomorrow’s work week starts.

All’s Quiet, Part II; or the Toasted Generator

Post-Fire Road Construction Generator
Sat 11.27.10 – Here is a photo of the road construction water pump generator that has been going for all day, all night, for weeks straight in front of the apartment building. Mind you it has been blessedly silent since about 7am yesterday morning when it decided to burn itself out.
Apparently the SBFD think that the contractors had not added any oil to the generator before departing for the long weekend. Nor have the contractors come to visit it since the incident yesterday.
Glad that the Seal Beach Fire Department are on top of things, even if Excel Paving is not.

All’s Quiet

Seal Beach Pier, 5:43pm
The blessing of today, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is that Seal Beach has been remarkably quiet. There are people around town, but talking in low voices, moving slowly.
But the real reason it is quiet in my immediate neighborhood, is that the big road construction water pump generator that has been sitting about 30ft from my apartment had an engine fire this morning around 7am. The generator is charred black and blessedly silent.
The Seal Beach Fire Department was even kinder, as when they arrived to put out the fire with the big fire engine, they didn’t use the sirens.

Happy Thanksgiving

As I think what to write here right now about Thanksgiving, I think of the song lyric that goes “Give thanks with a grateful heart…”.
Today I am thankful. Thankful for a beautiful autumn day. Thankful for a great meal with fun family members. Thankful for friends and family – near & far. Thankful for art, good books, and the internet. Thankful for all of you.
May you have a delightful rest of the week. And no, I won’t go out shopping tomorrow for Black Friday, I plan to enjoy my day working on a mobile app.