Nokia N8 vs. Nokia N86: The Video Dog Beach Diaries

The Nokia N8:

The Nokia N86:

Sun 10.10.10 – All week I have been shooting digital photo stills and video comparisons with the 12 megapixel Nokia N8 and the 8 megapixel Nokia N86, of which this post is Part I of III. I will let you all be the judge here, of video quality – not my poor video’ing skills. I made an effort to not change my location but just do a 360 turn with each camera phone.
While I am not the biggest video fan, as I much prefer digital still photography, it is the 12 mp HD 720p video recording capacity on the Nokia N8 that has folks in a hot sweaty internet bother.
The above videos were shot today at Dog Beach in Huntington Beach sometime in the 4-5pm hour. The text introductions were added by me using the on-board native Nokia video editing bit, no extra editing was done, and then uploaded to Flickr.