Mobile Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is defined by the of behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors.
According to some of the phrases that Ben Smith uses in his Nokia N8 review, I must have Mobile Stockholm Syndrome, as I *actually* liked the Nokia N97 from November 2009 to May 2010 and I do *love* the Nokia N8.
Ben says in his last paragraph:

The issue is, Nokia fanatics aside (and I mean them no slight – we all have to be passionate about something), the user experience hasn’t improved nearly enough yet so most people will get better real world use from other devices. Only a small minority will accept – long-term – sacrificing general usability for one exceptional feature (in this case the camera)…

The N8 does have its flaws*, but as a camera phone, it is excellent. But as I read Ben’s last paragraph, I started to laugh, as I realized that I do have Mobile Stockholm Syndrome, then again, so do most people when it comes to their mobile and carrier/operator relationships.
Come on, admit it: You are willing to put up with an amazing about of _insert_name_of_bovine_excrement_ in exchange for having the coolest/cheapest/bestwhaterfloatsyourboat mobile on your block. You, too, have mobile stockholm syndrome.
And if it is not with your mobile phone, it is with the carrier / company that provides the phone and data service. You haven’t left AT&T yet, even with all your grousing about dropped calls, now have you? You are actually kind of fond of it, as it did get you off that uncomfortable call, right? You are just waiting for the iPhone to go to Verizon so you can deeply enjoy your iPhone and local AT&T network without all the hoi poloi junking things up, right?
I am right there with you. Really. Holding my Nokia N8 with the excellent 12 megapixel camera waiting for the teaming iPhone millions to trot away from my network. Darned folk, don’t appreciate everything that AT&T has done for them…
While usability does matter for me in many instances, I would rather have a great camera phone with mildly OK usability in terms of the mobile’s OS, than to have great usability and only OK to crappy camera. In this I differ from most of my designer friends who love love love their iPhones. Every time I use an iPhone, I just get frustrated and wonder how they can be so over the moon for a phone that is just ok.
Each to their mobile own. We all love our respective mobile captors while we yearn for the perfect mobile or perfect mobile carrier / network, which may only exist in our own minds for that day or week.
*More on this later, but right now it is the radio changing channels and crashing when I am walking due to the motion sensor that is driving me a bit mad. Angry enough to turn off the sensor, but then the radio app still crashed when I was changing channels.

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  1. Can’t agree more. Everything comes down to how much we are willing to put up with all kinds of crap to get that one feature or two that we really want and like. What I really want from my phone/ operator is an excellent browser, wide selection of onscreen keyboards and a decent data plan.

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