Mobile Monday: Native v. Web, plus mWomen

Last monday at Mobile Monday Silicon Valley, a panel discussion on Native vs. Web apps was had. Here is two summaries of the disucssion:
Mike Rowehl on Apps vs Web Apps Recap at Mobile Monday SV: “[Mobile] Web rendering engines are evolving and getting better at pulling in hardware optimizations in a way that makes the web UI as smooth and efficient as a natively coded version. But there’s also a design time solution, forming your UI in a way so that it’s compelling to the user but also not overly taxing on the rendering platform. It’s a set of design skills that are relatively hard to find currently, but as mobile grows so does the number of folks with the right skills.”
Ronan at MobiForge on Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web: “With all of the buzz around apps & app stores it would be easy to assume that mobile apps have unstoppable momentum and that the mobile web is taking a back seat. It’s worth taking a step back to see how this is all going to pan out. Will mobile apps dominate completely and overwhelm the mobile web or does the mobile web still stand a chance?”
On another note, go check out the mWomen Connect initiative that aims to connect and increase the community of folks who would like to empower women in using mobile technology to advance their lives.