Austin, a Small Slice

Looking up at downtown Austin from the Congress St bridge Day of the Dead Skulls Dinner at the Snack Bar with Beth Martinez
Photos by Ms. Jen with het Nokia N8.

Update: 10.20.10 – 7:34am – Just checking to see if all the photos came up correctly as I directly loaded them from the N8 to the website last night when I got home and they did – Go little Nokia N8, go!
I had a bit of trepidation to come to Austin when it wasn’t SXSW (odd, but true), and I have to say it is absolutely delightful. Austin is not just a lovely city to come to a conference in, but it is a lovely city year around. I got a ride from one of my Qt Training classmates into downtown and then I walked from 4th & Congress to South Congress to meet up with Beth Martinez for dinner, the weather was balmy, it was fun to walk over the bridge, down south Congress peeping in store windows and taking it all in with no rush.