10.10.10 – Blogging Numerology

My Dad's idea of incognito parking
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.
10.10.10 – This post right now. Surprise lunchtime visit by my Dad and his work truck, who were on their way to Northern California for a month. Dog Beach with Les Doggies. Crescent Moon at dusk.
09.09.09 – Through Billy’s Looking Glass
08.08.08 – Blogging, BlogHer, and Dooce
07.07.07 – At Book Making Class
06.06.06 – Notice : Under Construction
05.05.05 – Happy Cinco de Mayo
04.04.04 – The Wittlest Cowboy In The West (my favorite in number and in photo)
03.03.03 – Can’t remember what happened on this date as I was a month and a half from starting this blog, but I must have been excited about SXSW’03 where I was to hear Mena Trott talk about Movable Type & meet Jish (see 08.08.08 entry) that would inspire me to start this blog.
02.02.02 – My dad’s 59th birthday, but the barflies.net archive is of no help here do to my cleaning directory problem and the bowling photos have been moved.
01.01.01 – Visiting my friend Denise in Boston, gone to see the Amazing Royal Crowns the night before.