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Happy Halloween!

Big Coastal Oak with new grass at Irvine Regional Park
Chris in his Gym Teacher costume, I asked if he was a male 'Sue Sylvester' Magnolia, Tammy, and Gracie The Host(ess) with the Bestest Costumes: Carolyn & Chris Gracie in her Halloween Costume Bob's Big Boy without his Hamburger After trick-or-treating, Gracie & Ryan rocking

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sunday 10.31.10 – Today dawned dewy and autumn-esque, of which it remained through most of the day as the touch of chill did not leave the air. All of this called for a walk amongst the old oak trees at Irvine Regional Park before the whirlwind of All Hallow’s Eve began.

Good Morning: Stross has a Good Poke at Steampunk

If you like to read and have been more than bewildered by the sub-genres that have spawned off of sub-genres, go read Charlie Stross’ rant on Steampunk* – The hard edge of empire.
It is a good and glorious essay/rant:

We’ve been at this point before with other sub-genres, with cyberpunk and, more recently, paranormal romance fang fuckers bodice rippers with vamp- Sparkly Vampyres in Lurve: it’s poised on the edge of over-exposure. Maybe it’s on its way to becoming a new sub-genre, or even a new shelf category in the bookstores. But in the meantime, it’s over-blown. The category is filling up with trashy, derivative junk and also with good authors who damn well ought to know better than to jump on a bandwagon. (Take it from one whose first novel got the ‘S’-word pinned on it — singularity — back when that was hot: if you’re lucky, your career will last long enough that you live to regret it.) Harumph, young folks today, get off my lawn ….

I am not a big fan of Steampunk the sub-culture, as I have only seen it in the late stages of its decline – the point where it is a fashion/identity sub-culture**. As for Steampunk the literary sub-genre, I have only read one novel that even has a bit of steampunk in it, of which the book was a tongue-in-cheek bit of romance-vampyre-regency-werewolf-steampunk-victorian-humor fluff of the best read it in three hours sort.
But then again, that is how I find myself reading many genres of fiction, I start off reading the humorous parody novels, get curious, and then start reading the ‘real’ books in the genre, which is not a bad way to find books to read.
All that to say, go read Charlie’s The hard edge of empire.
* Steampunk is a sub-genre mashup of SF/Fantasy, time anachronisms, Industrial Revolution dystopia/utopia, and sometimes with the addition of either the historical Romance and/or Vampyres & Zombies genres.
** Now as a person who has participated, with joyful abandon, in several fashion/identity/music sub-cultures, I will not condemn the folks who are having fun living the steampunk life, I am merely stating that it is not my thing (too much brown, sepia, and finicky metal bits).

How Was Your Day? Two Tweets Sums it all Up…

Both photos I took today were test photos and not up to snuff for posting, the rest of the day was spent working on a client website.
This afternoon, I tried to make light of it on Twitter:

Up in over my head in php code, swimming about. Hello PHP, I haven’t really seen you in a while.

But by 7pm this evening, my sense of humor had departed:

Feeling ill, plus being on deadline, is a bad combo. Am going to do what I can do in the next hour and then go to bed.

And goodnight to you and yours.