Tidbits from a Wednesday

Thoughts on Teabaggers, Groupthink, The God of the Burgess Shale, and for the Love of Blogging

1) In case you are like me and have spent more than a few hours wondering where all the Teabaggers were during the Bush-Cheney big government spend-a-thon, Mr. Taibbi answers a few of those questions in Tea & Crackers.
I am still in awe how most of those folks spent 2001-2009 asleep, only to wake up after the Obama inauguration. Odd but true.
2) For all the commentators who have been writing on Nokia’s corporate culture and supposed Finnish ‘groupthink’, the Finns may be on to something bigger in the democracy department than we, individualism obsessed Americans, can even dream of, especially if they aren’t afraid to combine research & risk with consensus.
3) Making Light on “The Secret Lives of Fossils“: TNH’s handmade rosary of fossils has landed in the Vatican Observatory’s meteorite case. Go read all the links and the comments. Wonderful.
4) Lori Hylan-Cho receives the award for the Best Sentence in a Blog Post in 2010, even though 2010 is not over yet:

“I guess this also proves that this blog really is just a personal memory store for me, and not a mechanism for promoting my professional reputation through blowhardery.”

I struggle greatly with the pressure that I should be daily/weekly writing a hard hitting professional posts to promote my reputation in mobile or web worlds when what I really want to do it post beautiful photos and blog about things that interest me today – be they professional, personal, ideas, whatever. I continue to feel strongly that this blog is both a canvas and a gallery.
Bravo to Lori for posting about what she loves rather than caving to the pressure to post professional blowhardery.