Gruber leads to Tomi, or The Winding Paths of Weekend Mobile Links

Imagine my surprise when my RSS feeder shows the Gruber has an opinion about something other than Apple and an iThingy… Gasp, Shock, … Hey look he blogged about Nokia and give major link love to PPK. Per usual, Mr. G. is cranky.
PPK’s article on “Nokia’s problem” is informative and not cranky.
In the second paragraph, PPK links to mobile business analyst and marathon blogger extraordinaire, Tomi Ahonen.
Upon seeing Tomi’s name, I remembered that I had seen that he tweeted about blogging about Nokia’s New CEO Stephen Elop.
Tomi is quite the opposite in every way from Gruber. Gruber is cranky. Tomi is cheerful. Gruber usually likes to only give his readers bite sized links and posts with an occasional 3-4 paragraph post. If Tomi were only to post 3-4 paragraphs, folks would get very concerned for his health & safety. Gruber takes himself and his opinions/analyses very seriously. Tomi thoroughly enjoys his opinions/analyses to the point where he will insert a funny sentence mid-paragraph and end said sentence with haha.
Go read all three articles and I will conclude by saying that I agree with PPK’s closing statement:

Nokia’s basic OS strategy is sound: MeeGo for the high-end, Symbian for the mid-range, and S40 for the low-end. But now it has to actually execute this strategy instead of fooling around.
Nokia, release a MeeGo phone. Before Christmas. But don’t bother with Android or Windows Phone 7.