Eschew Obfuscation, Part II

It has been two years and two days since the master of a good humorous poke at and romp with obfuscation died and his publisher will be releasing the novel he was working on at the time of his death as an unfinished work.
David Foster Wallace’s novel about entry level employees at the IRS, The Pale King, will be released in April 15, 2011:

“Set at an IRS tax-return-processing center in Illinois in the mid-1980s, The Pale King is the story of a crew of entry-level processors and their attempts to do their job in the face of soul-crushing tedium. “The Pale King may be the first novel to make accountants and IRS agents into heroes,” says Bonnie Nadell, Wallace’s longtime agent and literary executor.”

If one has a history of depression, why, even for reasons of sussing out the black comedic gems, would one write a novel about the IRS?