At the Orange Street Fair

Julie Wanda and Ms. Jen at the Orange Street Fair The Altar Billies Wes and his Remarkable Porkpie Hat

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.

Sat 09.04.10 – This afternoon Julie Wanda, Wes, and I went to the annual Labor Day weekend Orange International Street Fair. Per the usual, the weekend of the Street Fair is/was the hottest weekend of the summer. It was 72F degrees when I left Seal Beach, 86F at Julie Wanda’s house, and in the 90s when we were out at Street Fair. Dang it was hot.
We wandered around all four streets plus the Orange Circle, said hello to Dave Mau, and watched the Altar Billies, before the heat got to be too much. Upon arriving at the car, it was 97F and we drove back to Julie Wanda’s to enjoy the air conditioning. Living in Seal Beach has made me even more of a temperature wimp than I was before.