TuttleLA Photo Comparison: Nokia N97 v. N86 v. E73

Nokia N97, 5 megapixel camera phone: Geoff & Al Nokia N86, 8 megapixel camera phone: Geoff & Al Nokia E73, 5 megapixel camera phone: Geoff & Al

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97, a Nokia N86, and a Nokia E73.

Fri 08.27.10 – At Tuttle Club LA today, I found myself in possession of a Nokia E73 (trial phone), my Nokia N86, and a Nokia N97 of which I was testing out Foursquare via Gravity (works) and Gowalla mobile (doesn’t work).
When I first sat down at our table, I loved the contrast between Toorak Coffee’s interior orange walls and the green shirts that Geoff and Al were wearing, so I pulled out the first camera phone, the E73, in my bag and took a photo. Then I pulled out the N97 to check in to Foursquare and the like and took the same photo (mostly) from the same angle (mostly). Out came the Nokia N86 8 MP to take the final photo.
When Matt and I looked at the phones’ screens, the N86 rendered the best photo where the colors looked as they actually were, the E73 the second best, and on the N97’s screen the photo looked washed out. But now that I have them transferred to my computer, resized to 800×600, and posted to this blog, the N86 and the N97 look better but the real color was somewhere between the two with the N97 being a bit washed out and the N86 being a bit dark/saturated, and the E73’s photo is a bit blurred and the color a bit light/bright.
The interior of Toorak is a good challenge for a point and shoot camera or a camera phone as the ceilings are high with big halogen/fluorescent lights and orange paneled walls with dark wood furniture. It is a gorgeous interior visually but a bit stressful for a camera, then add on Geoff & Al’s shirts…. A comparison waiting to happen.
What do you think?

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