Sports Tracker is Back!

Happy Day. I received an email today saying that Sports Tracker is back and ready to be downloaded.
Sports Tracker has been on hiatus the last year or so, after it was spun off as a beta software product at Nokia to become its own company. The nice folk behind Sports Tracker have updated the website, ported over all of the data from folks’ accounts at Nokia’s Sports Tracker server, and have created mobile apps for all the current Nokia phones with GPS on board.
I am quite excited as I have missed Sports Tracker on my Nokia N86. I have missed mapping my route as Scruffy and I walk each day and I take photos. It is good fun to have a record both in terms of a map and a data record of how fast or slow one walked, the altitude and other fun geo-athletic details.
Sports Tracker ported about 95% of my ‘routes’ to the new server, only leaving out all routes before the Chennai photowalk, of which those previous routes were when Sports Tracker was in beta and I was testing SP before departing for the Urbanista Trip to India.
My only two minor objections to the new Sports Tracker is that the new website is in Flash and the mobile app I downloaded from the Ovi Store for my Nokia N86 doesn’t have an obvious way for me to log into the new Sports Tracker website to pair my routes with the site. Hopefully, the mobile app will ask me to pair the mobile to the server when I start my first ‘workout’.
I look forward to seeing what the Sports Tracker team will do and am excited that I can now pair my photos with a mapped route of my photo walks again. Thanks, Sports Tracker!

One thought on “Sports Tracker is Back!

  1. Yup, it’s pretty cool. I had been wondering why the GPS didn’t work with Sports Tracker the past few days, but that was probably because they were moving things around. When I tried it on my N97 mini this morning, I was asked to upgrade to a newer version and now everything works perfectly. There’s a button to upload your progress directly from the phone to the site, too. 🙂

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