Shakes Fist at Sockets

My personal project of the last few days is to start chipping away at my moblogging app. Roland Tanglao and I have been talking since the Big Adventure in May about working together to get my mobile blogging app idea off the ground.
Basically, I know that if I can get a php script to post to this blog via the Atom or XML-RPC protocol, then I can get my mobile to do it via a python app. I have now spent more than 12 hours spread out over 2 days researching the various protocols, reading docs, and then trying to get several different php scripts to post a simple blog post to Movable Type 4.3’s Atom or XML-RPC scripts.
Tonight, I kept getting errors that either the scripts aren’t able to authenticate (both Atom & XML-RPC) or with XML-RPC I keep getting a “32300:transport error – could not open socket”.
Darned sockets, I shake my fist at you.

3 thoughts on “Shakes Fist at Sockets

  1. Cheering you on. Perhaps one of the days, there will be an app allowing Nokia to moblog directly to Blogger, instead of using the email to blog ancient technology. :-p

  2. Hi El!
    Actually blogging from a Nokia to Blogger or WordPress is actually much easier, it is Movable Type that is a bit hard. The sockets problem may be a throttle placed on the server by my host.
    But yes, give me a bit of time, and I will have a solution for all of us.
    smiles, jen ;o)

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