Python Progress Made Today

Today, I broke out the Nokia N97 and the marvelous “Mobile Python” book by Jürgen Scheible & Ville Tuulos, between the two I had a grand good time working through exercises in Mobile Python for S60 and trying out some of the ideas in my head.
I bought the Mobile Python book about 2 years ago and worked through it then, but was not able to really get in to it or process everything that I was learning until I took the Python class last summer and worked on the Alex’s Bar Booking app that was coded in python on Google App Engine. Now, as I read the Python for S60 docs and go back over parts of the book, it all makes sense and it seems so easy.
As I was coding today, I felt so good about it all, unlike two years ago or even last year, that I now have a 2nd app idea… I would first like to get my mobile app idea working on the Nokia N86 and N97 before I go deep into the PyMaemo docs to get it working on the Nokia N900.
One step at a time. Next, I have to conquer my sockets issue… ;o)