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Serendipity, or the Return of the Super Punk Teenage Ninja Turtles

My Mom arrived late this afternoon with a HUGE cooler full of organic, pasture raised, rancher slaughtered beef, pork and lamb. She bought at auction 4H raised meat at the Bishop Ag Fair in July. After we packed various white paper wrapped bits into our freezers, Mom, Scruffy, and I set off on a walk around 6pm. We took the long way around Seal Beach.
As we hit Main Street, the first time around, we ran into Mike Magrann and Lucy the wonderful brindled ex-pound pup. Mike is freshly back from CH3’s East Coast and UK tour, and he told us the highlights beyond what I had read on his blog.
After chatting with Mike, Mom and I continued on to the far north end of town before looping back down Ocean Ave and then back up Main Street. At the corner of Main and Electric, Mom suggested that we go have a glass of wine at the Wine Bar, as she wanted to wind down from her big drive down from Bishop.
We sat at the pew style benches next to the big open windows so that Scruffy could be right there as we sat and had our glass of wine. Time wound on, we had a 2nd glass of wine, the sky started to darken, and I was watching folks walking down the sidewalk, when I saw Julia Johnson Britt walking by on the sidewalk.
While I have known Channel 3’s Mike & Kimm since 1983 or 1984 and see them fairly frequently, the second longest friend I have kept in (mostly) continuous contact with has been Julia Britt. She and I met at Richard’s Beauty College in 1985 and had many adventures together including a summer of 1988 tour of England, France, Germany, Ireland, and back to London again. We most recently ran into each other, other than keeping in contact on Facebook, while walking down Cesar Chavez (aka 1st St) in Austin, TX, two years ago at SXSW when Julia was skating with the Houston Roller Derby girls.
A few weeks ago, on Facebook, Julia messaged me to let me know she would be in SoCal for the first week of August plus a bit. I emailed her back to say that I wanted to get together, but didn’t hear from her. When I saw her walking down the sidewalk tonight, I called out and she joined us at the Wine Bar.
It was a good deal of fun to catch up. She had not seen my email, as she had not read her gmail in a bit, regardless of nearly missing each other we did to hang out for a few hours at the Wine Bar. It was delightful to see two old friends in one day, particularly delightful to see Julia when she lives in Houston and we did not plan to find each other this evening.
Glad that Mom wanted to go the Wine Bar. ;o)

Python Progress Made Today

Today, I broke out the Nokia N97 and the marvelous “Mobile Python” book by J├╝rgen Scheible & Ville Tuulos, between the two I had a grand good time working through exercises in Mobile Python for S60 and trying out some of the ideas in my head.
I bought the Mobile Python book about 2 years ago and worked through it then, but was not able to really get in to it or process everything that I was learning until I took the Python class last summer and worked on the Alex’s Bar Booking app that was coded in python on Google App Engine. Now, as I read the Python for S60 docs and go back over parts of the book, it all makes sense and it seems so easy.
As I was coding today, I felt so good about it all, unlike two years ago or even last year, that I now have a 2nd app idea… I would first like to get my mobile app idea working on the Nokia N86 and N97 before I go deep into the PyMaemo docs to get it working on the Nokia N900.
One step at a time. Next, I have to conquer my sockets issue… ;o)

Shakes Fist at Sockets

My personal project of the last few days is to start chipping away at my moblogging app. Roland Tanglao and I have been talking since the Big Adventure in May about working together to get my mobile blogging app idea off the ground.
Basically, I know that if I can get a php script to post to this blog via the Atom or XML-RPC protocol, then I can get my mobile to do it via a python app. I have now spent more than 12 hours spread out over 2 days researching the various protocols, reading docs, and then trying to get several different php scripts to post a simple blog post to Movable Type 4.3’s Atom or XML-RPC scripts.
Tonight, I kept getting errors that either the scripts aren’t able to authenticate (both Atom & XML-RPC) or with XML-RPC I keep getting a “32300:transport error – could not open socket”.
Darned sockets, I shake my fist at you.

A Saturday Morning at Dog Beach

Dog Beach, Looking South Dog Beach, Looking North

Photos taken by Ms. Jen at Dog Beach with her Nokia N86.

Sat 08.07.10 – Yes, SoCal is still experiencing June Gloom in August. The weather has been gloomy/foggy in the morning and sunny in the afternoons with temperatures in the low to mid 70s F (19-22C). One would think it was May and not August.
Others are complaining and want a real summer, I love it.

Friday Evening Mobile Tidbits

There are several interesting articles on mobile that came out in the last few days that would make a for good weekend down time read:
You Might Find Yourself on Future: Cell Phones As Personal Information Filters:

“Pay no attention to the man holding the receiver; it’s the phone itself you’ll need to impress.
A small army of editors, programming directors, critics, censors, librarians and curators have shaped choices of entire generations. But just like factory workers of the 19th century found themselves inevitably replaced by the more efficient machines, human gatekeepers are giving way to a new breed of automated tastemakers – sophisticated software that separates the information wheat from the chaff and whose influence is growing as fast as the amount of information we produce.
That is, pretty fast.”

Engadget’s interview with Nokia’s VP talks N8, MeeGo ‘milestone product,’ tablets, Android and more!

“We’re going to put our best foot forward when it comes to the user interaction with MeeGo products, and, of course, it’s an evolution. Version two is always going to be better than version one, no question about that one. Then, on the similarities between Symbian and MeeGo, of course, from an iconography and the way it looks standpoint, we can do a lot to make sure that it’s visible that it is the same family. I think we have to be very careful in not pulling the legacy with us to MeeGo on certain things. We will make some conscious decisions of things that will not be the same logic. For example, Symbian originally was built as a menu-driven operating system, which is not that practical when you are in a touch environment because the tree hierarchies back and forth. For MeeGo, we have taken a totally different kind of paradigm.”

Marek Pawlowski at MEX on A mobile developer day too far:

“Handset manufacturers, network operators and software companies have for some time been falling over themselves to win over third party developers to their platforms. After attending Nokia’s less than successful Ovi Developer day in London, I couldn’t help but ponder whether this industry infighting is in their long-term interests and those of their customers?
These companies share a simple, common objective: increasing the value of their main product offering (be that handsets for Nokia, network capacity for operators or advertising for Google) by ensuring as many applications as possible are available within their eco-system, preferably exclusively. This is what drives all those developer conferences, free handsets and partnership marketing budgets.
It is hard to dispute the initial logic of this premise: customers will naturally be inclined to buy products which allow them access to the best services. Apple is the benchmark example, where the availability of iOS apps is a key selling point for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In our consumer research we are seeing increasing numbers of customers making handset and operator purchasing decisions based on the quality and economy of access they provide to specific branded services.
However, numerous companies in the mobile industry are simply trying to beat Apple’s App Store at its own game without stopping to consider if this is in their long-term strategic interests.”