Nokia N8 Pre-Order

The big question of the day yesterday that everyone at the Nokia Beach House asked me was, “Are you going to pre-order the Nokia N8?”
Am I going to buy the Nokia N8? YES!
Am I going to pre-order? NO!
I have several reasons for buying the N8, which are:
1) Camera
2) Camera
3) Camera
4) Camera
5) Camera
Do I need to buy My Future Preciousssss before it is released, wait weeks, and then have the early adoptor’s blues? No.
I will let all the I-gotta-have-it-first-or-I-will-explode-but-will-be-bored-in-3-weeks-and-sell-it-on-ebay crowd go before me. Then I will buy the N8 on Amazon or Mobile City Online or the like, whoever has the best color selection.
The real reason for not pre-ordering My Future Precioussss is that NokiaUSA only has black/dark grey. What?!?!?!?! There are 5 lovely color selections and the US only gets black during pre-order? Join me and Bill the Cat to sputter, “Pppffffffffttt!”
Now, if they had Purple available for Pre-Order, I would have already made my order, but no purple. So, wake me up when blue, orange, or green is available in the US.
Right now, I am favoring Orange, but I might end up with Green or Blue.

2 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Pre-Order

  1. I was thinking about the N8, too….but I’m not so keen on the pure touch-screen. I need my QWERTY (or here in Germany: QWERTZ) keyboard. Besides, there have been quite a few rumoured stuff about the N9…which I would LOVE to get my hands on and know more about the specs. We’ll see.

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