Dungeons & Dragons as it Applies to Web Design

Last friday at Tuttle Club LA, in two separate conversations, one with Kelly Sims and one with Luke Dorny, we discussed the challenges of having a career as a freelance web designer.
Out of that set of conversations, Luke and I decided to meet up today to refine the topic and work out a few kinks on the rocky road to growing one’s own business. The best part is that as we worked through a list of skill sets and discussing what was important for a web designer to have, Luke suggested that we rate skills as one would have levels of power or talents in Dungeons & Dragons.
Luke is a 13th power typographic visual wonder Elf Mage. I am design developer mobile hybrid Warrior Princess.
As you can tell, I have never played D&D or WOW, only picked up, vaguely, enough from others to be dangerous…

5 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons as it Applies to Web Design

  1. 🙂 This post reminded me of one Kent B. wrote up a couple years ago, dig it: http://kentbrewster.com/webdev-character-classes/

  2. Jen: I think these are generalities and hard to fit oneself into, but:
    I think I started as a Fighter type earlier in my career, but have been shifting to being a Wizard ever since, with some Rogue/Fighter tendencies left over.
    Now only if we’d get some sort of recognition for leveling up. I guess coin to spend at the pub is enough. 😉

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