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Catching Up

While I had a wonderful time having all the WomWorld/Nokia folk and E73 Mode party attendees in town and around to hang out from Friday through Sunday/Monday, I got quite behind in a number of things, one of which was blogging on time.
So let me get a bit caught up here:
Mon. 08.23.10 – Have a late brunch with Donna, James, and Adam of WOMWorld plus Jeb Brilliant at the Harbor House Cafe in Sunset Beach. Drop off the remaining suits to the charity drop off. Go home & work.
Tues. 08.24.10 – Work before driving up to Los Angeles for Eoin’s Birthday Party. Have fun at the party. Happy Birthday, Eoin G!
Wed. 08.25.10 – Have a good time, yes, a good time, packing everything (remaining party stuff for the @womworldnokia crew) up in two boxes, then drive to the Good DHL in Irvine to have it shipped back to London. Realize that I really get the most satisfaction in life from helping others, realized once again for the 17,647th time this summer that I need to apply for a job where I work in a team and not in my living room. Make self an interesting dinner* while prepping a client’s website for moving.
Last but not least, today a florist delivered lovely flowers from Donna, Adam, and James. Thanks for being so sweet!
* An interesting dinner is the kind where you look in the fridge and pick all kinds of odds and ends, cook, eat, and later think – WHAT WAS THAT I ATE?!?!?!?