Goodbye to Oberon the World’s Cutest (Currently) Charcoal Lab Puppy

Oberon's fascinatingly disjointed puppy gait

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nikon D70s at Dog Beach on Thursday afternoon.

Sun 07.25.10 – I have a ton of things to do tonight before the workday starts tomorrow, but none of it is going to get done as I am crazy tired from the last 5 days of dog sitting Oberon and all of the family activities of the last 5 days with my sister Allison’s birthday & my cousin Kristin’s baby shower plus all of the other attendant family to dos. Emails are not getting sent, the blog posts in my head are staying there, the photos to be downloaded are still on the cameras. Etc. etc. etc.
The big excitement of the weekend was the fact that last evening Oberon, aged 12 weeks, go so excited that his poor bladder decided to empty itself on my bed. Yes, a huge puddle of puppy pee discovered only after I sat down to read. Most of last night was taken up with laundry of my clothes & bedding.
After I started the first load of my comforter & sheets, I was laying on my living room floor trying to compose myself with the front door open when I heard my mom tell Oberon to drink water out of a bowl and not from the algae infested garden hose area.
Oberon then escaped my Mom’s grip, and bounded in my apartment only to come plant his whole wet, algae encrusted muzzle on my mouth, as I gasped in astonishment, he then put his wet paw in my mouth and then proceeded to climb on top of me to reach Scruffy. I screamed, my mom caught him, I started laughing in reflexive hysterical waves all the while I was crying from being completely exhausted and overwhelmed.
Good thing for Listerine mouthwash and the fact that I drove Oberon back up to Culver City today at noon to be returned to his family. Oberon is a beautiful and amazing dog, but I was not really mentally prepared to dog sit such a young and active labrador retriever puppy with so much family & work obligations as well as having Scruffy around.
One of Oberon’s people texted me this morning when we were trying to arrange the drop off, “I hope the wee beastie has not been too naughty.”
No, just a wee naughty.
Now I am off to bed a couple of hours early. ‘Night y’all.

One thought on “Goodbye to Oberon the World’s Cutest (Currently) Charcoal Lab Puppy

  1. A good reminder that, besides being really cute, puppies are a lot. of. work. Particularly labs, which *never* seem to grow up.
    Having said that, I laughed out loud when reading your description of Oberon giving you a big wet algae kiss and then putting his paw in your mouth. It’s not actually funny and it sounds like you had a terrible night, but you tell the story very well. 😉
    I hope the coming week is less stressful!

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