A Day of Rest

Recently, I blogged about Shabbat and wanting/needing to take a day completely off once a week. While I have not been completely successful at taking a full unplugged day off once a week, I have been moderately successful at not working every day of every week like I have done for the last 11 months.
For the last month on one of the weekend days, I have taken at least 1/2 – 2/3rds of one day completely unplugged and have done something wonderfully analogue like reading a paper book. And on the last two weekends, I have made a point that if I couldn’t stay off my computer the whole day, then the other part of the rest day, I would use for a fun personal project rather than working on client work.
Trying to break a year plus long habit of working every single day on something for some client and/or trying to keep up on some work related learning or articles is hard. But the payoff of being relaxed and not always stressed out is worth the time & effort.
So, while a week or two weeks of actual real live vacation (or even 4-6 like some of my Nordic friends) is not in the cards this summer, I can take one day every week. Or try to at any rate.

2 thoughts on “A Day of Rest

  1. This is something I NEED to do, seriously. Just lately, I have found myself becoming unmotivated, and feeling down, and I’m betting its all to do with all work and no play.

  2. Hi Micky,
    I recommend it. It is too easy to go from work, to blogging, to catching up on feed reading, to Twitter, and then find that it all was work of some sort and that one hasn’t had a day off in weeks.
    I am trying to work up to a full day unconnected, a full day of not turning on the computer, and only taking photos & answering calls on my phone but no email, Gravity, or internet.

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