The Summer, She Begins

Mon 06.21.10 – At the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, today was/is Midsummer, but here in the mid-latitudes (33N), today at 4:28am PDT marks the beginning of the summer season, or the summer solstice.
Now, the specific 33N mid-latitudes that I live in is the greater Los Angeles basin area, of which June 20/21st marks the end of the June Gloom season (May 1st – June 30th) and the start of the Mostly Consistently Sunny Season but before the start of the official Fire Season (Sept 15th – Oct 31st). Thus, Summer in other people’s worlds.
Me, I am not so much of a fan of the season known as Summer, and I am even less a fan of the late Fire Season. I like my mostly consistently sunny season to be Dec 21st – March 15th. I like my sun to come with sharp, crisp chilly weather, not sweltering, stagnant hot weather.
I will leave the love of the hot to the folks of the higher northern latitudes who have a real winter and thus summer is a treat or to the folks of the equatorial latitudes for whom summer is year around and any drop below 68F/20C is FREEZING.
So how, some way, I will figure out how to spend Midsummer to late October north of the 55th parallel line next year. Some how, some way.
And to the rest of you, Happy Summer!