6 lines About 66k Blog Posts

I have begun to hate all the blog posts and articles that are titled for SEO points using numbers plus the general idea.
It is like a bad internet loop of The Nails’ “88 Lines About 44 Women” going over and over and over again.
Most of the time the posts in question are fluff pieces and while they lure you into reading them with promises of real information or that you will read a point by point soundly reasoned and argued opinion piece, no, one gets fooled.
Fooled into thinking that the writer/ blogger actually had something to say.
Fooled by the numerals into thinking the piece would be use sound rhetoric and be factual.
But no usually they have one or two good idea-ettes per 10 numbers and the rest are puffed up to reach the other 8 or 9 points to lure more traffic and diggs to their site.