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Tidbits :: Thursday May 27, 2010

SOF Observed on Being Comfortable with the Presence of Mystery: “Given that title, it is perhaps surprising to learn that Mario Livio is not himself a religious man. But in his science, he is working on frontiers of discovery where questions far outpace answers — exploring the nature of neutron stars, white dwarfs, dark energy, the search for intelligent life in other galaxies.
In vivid detail and with passionate articulation, he reinforces a sense that has come through in many of my conversations with scientists these past years. That is, in contrast to the 19th- and 20th-century Western cultural confidence that science was on the verge of explaining most everything, our cutting-edge 21st-century discoveries are yielding ever more fantastic mysteries. The real science of the present, Mario Livio says, is far more interesting than science fiction could ever be.”
Killing the Buddha on Louisiana Coast: Return to Sender : “Dear France, You’ve been good friends. Great friends! …”
Luis on Helsinki for beginners : “If you’re a teetotaller, you’ll be happy to discover that Finns drink plenty of berry juices. In case you’re not, you’ll be happy to discover that Finns drink. A lot”