The Big Adventure, Day 3

Nokia N86: Who knew that ATM's dispense White Nokia N97s?
Nokia N97: Workshop - Andy, Laura, and Tim Nokia N97: Workshop - Norman and Virginia Nokia N97: Workshop - Jonne, Petri, and Valdis Nokia N86: Jonne and Valdis Nokia N86: Shawn and his iPad Nokia N86: Petri and His Award Winning Photo as Japantown Pedestal Disqus Player Nokia N86: Sideview Nokia N86: The Class Picture, thought up by Roland, taken by Justine Nokia N86: Damian and Jonne Nokia N86: Valdis, Shawn, Rich, Topi, and Hywel Nokia N86: Rich, Topi, and Joni at the after event drinks Nokia N86: Valdis and Andy

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 and her N86.

Wed 05.12.10 – Day 3: The Last Day of the Big Adventure. Today we worked in small groups and pairs on the various bits. The best part is towards the end when we were sent out in our pair groups for 20 minutes outside of the Hotel Kabuki to take funny/fun/silly photos for a prize. My photo of Petri on a concrete pedestal was the winner, Petri won a large bottle of good sake. Go Petri, Go!
I would like to extend an big thanks to the Firefish folk for putting on a well-organized workshop and to the Nokia folk for coming a long way to workshop with North American tech folk. While at times it was hard, by the end of today much had been gathered and gained.
Thanks all.