Talking to Vaughan about the Upcoming Nokia N8 & HD Video Recording

Fri. 05.07.10 – Today at Tuttle Club LA, Vaughan Risher (@vardenrhode) started asking the mobile folk in the group some questions about the upcoming Nokia N8’s HD video recording capabilities.
He had three questions, of which he wrote down for me to ask around about, but then I decided I should video him fleshing out what he was really thinking.
Here are his questions about the Nokia N8:
1) Is there a button to upload full HD, not low res compressed, recorded video directly to YouTube, Vimeo, etc?
2) How does the interface stack up with iPhone or the Nexus One.
3) Can you see a complete video novice being able to use advanced video features.
Vaughan is an iPhone 3G owner who is ready to upgrade and if the Nokia N8 has the ability to upload full resolution HD recorded video directly to YouTube or Vimeo he may be tempted.
Video recorded by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 at Toorak Cafe, Long Beach, Calif.
Ms. Jen, @msjen,
Vaughan Risher, @vardenrhode,