Punk Rock Bowling 2010, I Didn’t Go

In 2001, the Barflies.net fielded, or laned, our first bowling team(s) at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. PRB was only a year or two old at that point, was held at the Gold Coast Hotel which was just off strip. In the years since we have moved all over the place from the Gold Coast to downtown, to the Boulder Hwy, to Sam’s Town, back to the Gold Coast, back to Sam’s Town, etc.
In the years since, Punk Rock Bowling was really the highlight of the whole year not just for me but for many of my friends, next to SXSW. The only year in the last 10 years that I missed bowling at PRB was in 2006 when I was at grad school in Dublin, Ireland. I had a good excuse as I was on an island a whole ocean and continent away.
This year, PRB was moved from January to May and by the time the email came from BYO Records to register, it was only a few weeks before SXSW. And I just was not interested. I had a deep down feeling that May would have other things in store for me, as well as the weekend picked was Mother’s Day weekend (?!?!?!??!?), and I couldn’t afford to shell out a couple of hundred bucks just before SXSW.
In late February/early March, I decided that I wouldn’t go this year. I told my team. Julie Wanda also wasn’t feeling it, Tink was, and so there it went.
As things have unfolded in the 2.5 months since, I am very glad that I didn’t go this weekend to Las Vegas. I am glad that I stayed home this weekend for Mother’s Day, as I had a lovely time with my Mom.
And my hunch was right, there have been other things in store for May. Tomorrow I get on a plane to go to a very cool event that I would not have had energy for if I had gone to bowling.
I hope everyone who did go had a wonderful time. As for me, my big adventure starts tomorrow. Wish me well.