Photos from a Rainy Tuesday

Local garden and sidewalk in the rain Local roses in the rain

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Tues 05.18.10 – I know in other places it rains in May and it is not a Big Deal, but here in Southern California our rainy season, really the only times it rains, is strictly defined as late fall through early spring (Nov to March). To get any rain after April 15th and before October 15th is a rarity that only happens every couple of years.
This El Nino year with the jetstream that has left Canada and remained hovered over San Francisco & Los Angeles has meant rain that just keeps coming. Now here in the LA area, we haven’t had a ton of rain, not like in 1998 where we had over 30 inches, and while we have only had 2-3 inches over normal, what has been so surprising is just how often the storms have come through.
I don’t mind it at all. We may have a terrible fire season in the late summer and through the autumn with all of the new rain inspired growth, but it has been delightful to have almost Seattle like green and mist. I and most of the local plants will enjoy it while we have it.