Monthly Archives: May 2010

Amusing Hands-Free Car Kit Video

Tues 05.04.10 – This video would only be funnier if Mr. Kankkunen had driven circles around one the BMW driving clamshell phone talking idiots from my neighborhood.
One of the things that continually baffles me about the wealthy in SoCal is how they can afford the latest & greatest BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, etc, but all seem to talk on clamshell phones with no bluetooth headset.
How in the heck can one afford a $50-80K car but one’s mobile is the cheap/free clamshell from _____ [insert name of carrier here] with no bluetooth or headset?
My mom posits that these folks don’t care if they get pulled over for talking on their phones with no hands free because they can afford to pay the ticket. I still wonder why not spend an extra $300 and get a phone with bluetooth or a headset in the box. Idiots.
Now for me, I would spend the $$ for a real mobile and then get the Nokia Car Kit CK-200. But I am also not spending $50-80k on my car, or even a leased one.

Oops… I Skipped a Day

I took yesterday off from blogging, working, and all the like.
Instead I read a novel that Erika loaned me, Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate) by Gail Carriger.
Soulless was an amusing mashup of regency romance genre tropes with Steampunk Victoriana plus vampires & werewolves set in an 1870s alterna-London. A very good romp. The kind of book that once one starts reading it, one keeps reading it, even when one has other things to do.
Reading an actual book broke my 2 years + daily blogging streak.
And I don’t regret it.