Mobile Blogging with Movable Type: Testing my New Mobile Button

Photo taken by Ms. Jen last evening with a Nikon D70s.
Sun 04.11.10 – I am currently hacking my Movable Type installation to allow for direct image upload from a non-iPhone mobile with a webkit browser (Nokia & Android). I am uploading this image from my laptop by pushing a new button on the dashboard that will by pass some of the tricky web/desktop browser javascript that chokes any mobile that is not a Nokia N900.
Next trick is to see if the Nokia N97 can handle this. Beyond altering the header.tmpl, I am also altering the CMS’s main css to get rid of all the fixed widths and absolute positioning in the dialog box css.
If this hack is successful, I will post all the code both here to this blog and to the MT Forums for other folks who would like to also be able to use Opera Mini or a mobile webkit browser to upload images from their mobile/cellphones to their MT blog.