Goodbye Malcolm, and Thanks for All the Punk Rocks

Signing of the Sex Pistols record deal in front of Buckingham Palace

Thurs 04.08.10 – Fare the well to Mr. Malcolm McLaren. Thank you, kind sir, for many years of hijinx, punk rocks, and making London new & sexy after the great 30 plust years of post-Empire & WWII hangover.
I first was exposed to the fruits of Malcolm’s mind & labors in 1981 when I was a wee 13 year old going through some tough family times. I spent most of the end of 1981 and all of 1982 lamenting that I was 5 years too young to have experienced the punk revolution in 1976 in London or Los Angeles myself. So, I did the next best thing, I jumped into OC/LA’s music scene in 1982 as a fresh, idealistic 14 year old.
As an adult, I can now appreciate the trickster, rebel, and calculated businessman that Mr. McLaren was. And I still have a fondness for red haired men in plaid