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The Big Excitement on the Greenbelt

Runaway Volvo drags Orange Chevrolet up on to the Seal Beach Greenbelt

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Sat 03.27.10 – I will let my Tweets & TwitPics from the Scene of the Big To Do speak for themselves:
4:45pmhttp://twitpic.com/1beduk – This is exciting! Car crash on the Seal Beach greenbelt.
4:49pmhttp://twitpic.com/1beeyk – Apparently driver told officer that it was an elderly Volvo acceleration issue. Who knew…
5:02 pm – Only injury is the young magnolia tree that the driver hit. AAA Tow truck now here to take the Volvo away.
5:16pmhttp://twitpic.com/1bem55 – The tow truck driver was able to release the car from the clutches of the mangled bench & drive it off the green
Update from Sun 03.28.10 around 11am or thereaboutshttp://twitpic.com/1bkmjc – The city put the magnolia tree back up, even though it is has black tire marks & broken branches.

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