SXSW Day 2 : Kick! Or the Brits Run Wild

Adam Kicks Bare Foot! Iain RUNS in his Kilt.  Bless him.

Ryan in his Kickball garb Anil announcing Matt Jacobs (who I found out here is not Dave's brother) & Byrne Reese
Watching the Kickball game The great oak tree in Palm Park Bruce Lawson in Molly's sparkly shirt Molly & John in pre-session prep time Molly and all the 'Browsers' after her SXSWi session Martyn, John, Chris, and Glenda the Good Matt May and his Amusing Adobe shirt Spring Green Mr. Biddulph! Stephanie, Zoe, and Christopher prepping for the CSS3 & HTML5 panel Greg showing Cindy & Matt new Photoshop tricks Adam, Phil, and Charlie at the Nokia party James Whatley and Taylor Wimbley Sunset Phil Campbell!

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

SXSW Interactive 2010
CSS3 Design with HTML5
Who are we?
Stephanie Sullivan
Zoe Gillanwater
Christopher Schmidt
Who are you?
CS: There is a lot of potential with HTML5. (He then lists the new stuff.)
ZG: CSS3 – a lot of what it offers can be done other ways now, but CSS3 allows you to do with cleaner code, faster, and better UE. There is a lot of CSS3 you can use right now to get really great effects.
SS: But it doesn’t all have to be exact. We don’t all have to have it all exact in every browser. (Mentions Dan Rubin’s Website about this.)
SS: I have a trick to with clients & IE6, I tell them that it costs more for the exact experience in IE6 & IE7 as in IE8.
CS: I want to talk about doctype. [shows a slide with complex doc types]
HTML5 doc type is
Building with HTML5
CS: more relaxed way than with XHTML
Div Soup