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Dog Tusseling, or Why Does Kimchi Hate Me?

Scruffy & Magnus

Photo of Scruffy & Magnus taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Wed 03.10.10 – Today was the day I was too be running around errands, finishing up details, laundry, packing, etc etc etc, in preparation for a 6am flight Thursday morning to Austin, Texas.
The whole day today was derailed by a nasty light phobic migraine that kept me in bed until around 4pm. It is all the fault of kimchi and my innate pre-travel fridge frugality. I always feel the need to not waste any food that might go off while I am out traveling and I try to make all kinds of interesting dishes before I depart as to not have to throw anything out.
This is a bad impulse. I have now gotten sick 3x just before flying. Silly me.
There was a large quart jar of kimchi from AR supermarket that was in the final dregs for a couple of weeks now living on the top shelf of my fridge. Why I felt compelled to eat the remainders I don’t know, since I already know that kimchi older than a couple of days makes me tummy sick & triggers headaches. Le Sigh.
So, today’s photo was of Scruffy & Magnus wrestling while I was trying to recoup from my ill-advise kimchi consumption.
Tomorrow, super early, I am off to SXSW for Interactive. See you there!

Big Congratulations to Lulu and Myke!

Congratulations to Lulu & Myke on their Engagement!

Photo by Ms. Jen of Lulu & Myke with a Nokia N97 at Alex’s Bar.

Tues 03.09.10 – This afternoon Viv Hernandez told me that Lulu and Myke got engaged on Lu’s birthday last Friday night, and then a few minutes later Lulu and Myke showed up at Alex’s.
I am so excited for Lulu and Myke, not only are they a very good match, but Lu and I have been friends for years through much trials and laughter and I am so damned glad that Lu has found a life love in a good, strong willed man such as Myke.
I got to know Myke when we were all in Hawaii last May for Alex & Paige’s wedding and even though their relationship was young at the time, I hoped that Lu and Myke would last.
Yay. Lu knows that I have been hoping, praying, and encouraging her for over a decade. Yay ten times.
Much love and many blessings on the union of Lulu Aphessetche and Myke Elsbury!

PBS’s Faces of America : Episode 1

More than worth the time to watch as Episode 1 of PBS’s Faces of America is excellent.

American Stories explores the dynamic and shifting relationship America had with her new immigrants in the 20th century. World war tore apart families and sundered the fabric of many lives, but America beckoned and millions came. Yet, America was an ambivalent host. At its best, a place of refuge and salvation, as for film director Mike Nichols whose entire family escaped Nazi Germany. At its worst, a country that would imprison two generations of Japanese Americans, like the ancestors of Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi. Along the way, we’ll discover the buoyant American optimism that shaped chance – as in a single encounter that changed cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s life forever – to pave the road to success.

Dear Nokia, Re: SXSW

Dear Nokia,
As a 12 year vet of SXSW, here are my tips and tricks for a great SXSW experience, particularly my food recommendations.
Don’t miss the Kickball game at Palm Park on Sat. March 13, 2010 at 10:30. More info at
While I already have my SXSW Interactive Badge & plane flight, I would love to win a white Nokia N86 to take lots of great photos & video at SXSW (see min 3:30 to end of video).
Less than a week away folks! It will be fun! ;o)
Ms. Jen