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Tidbits :: Wednesday March 17, 2010

Owls Wings on Happy Teutates’ Day! : “St. Patrick is said to have driven all the snakes out of Ireland. According to Waverly FitzGerald, snakes probably represented the old oracle cults tended by snake priestesses. They were also sacred as symbols, not of evil, but of the renewal of life, and miraculous regeneration as they shed their skins. Scholars speculate that this story about the snakes was symbolic of Patrick’s orchestrating the ascendance of Christianity over the old Druidic order.”

It Really is the Little Things

Last night, I saw a bunch of purple irises peeking out of a man’s shopping bag, and my heart was pierced.
While I wish I was not single, in my day to day life I have become, in defense, somewhat immune – until the small moments, the little things observed. The little unconditional things that a man can do for a woman, then I come undone.
Looking at those irises, I sincerely hoped whoever received them, did so with joy. Later in the evening, I found myself crying. Trying not to, but I was.