Off the SXSW Grid – Puff Puff Open Mic Comedy Night, SXSW Day 4

Puff Puff Open Mic Comedy Night

Jonathan and Denise: Breakfast at the Hampton J.! Jessica takes a photo of her martini

Photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

SXSW Panel Notes from Mon 03.15.10
Jared Spool
Amazon Treasure #1: Engage through content : Reviews
Reviews began to interest us a lot. How to get good reviews when things just worked and folks don’t think to write a review, but got lots of bad reviews as folks get frustrated and will write.
1 out of every 5 purchases are heavily influenced by reviews.
How do you make sure that people see really good reviews? Ad ded the helpfulness question (was this review helpful to you). Then a good review can be separated out from a bad review.
Caution: Be careful when emulating features
There is a literary cache from writing reviews on Amazon, but it is also about shear numbers.
Good rule of thumb: Ratio of Reviewers to Purchasers 1 in 1,300
There is something more to the experience than just the .
Amazon Treasure #2 : Don’t Fear New Ideas
User groups, Listmania, Guide Feature -> all experiments
But not all experiments are good: The Gold Box, people complained that none of the products were something people wanted to buy.
Then they rejiggered it with products from your recommendation list, but it didn’t catch on. Then they made it like QVC, 15 minutes of good product prices.
Why does Amazon put things in with wacky stuff? If the average sale is $35, then if they can get another $5 sale, then it is another $850 million in sales. Regular shoppers start to ignore this stuff. [I do.]
Defective by Design tag is a protest movement for anything with DRM in it.
Risk is critical, but you have to minimize it at every
Amazon Treasure #3:
Amazon’s Security Levels
Level 0: Amazon doesn’t know who you are – no cookie
Level 1: Amazon knows you from a cookies –
Level 2: Amazon knows who you are but have you reauthenicate important details.
Goal time vs. Tool times
Goal time: When the user is improving the outcome of the experience – When the user is considered the product they wish to purchase.
Tool time: When the user is moving forward without any improvement in the outcome of the experience. – When the user is struggling with the security system.
Playmobil Security Check Point -> check out tags and reviews
Laptop steering wheel
Interaction beyond the Desktop
Peter Merholz – Adaptive Path
Michele Perras – Mobile Experience Innovation Center
Nathan Moody – Stimulant
David Merrel – Sifteo
Johnny Lee – Microsoft
being human
new form factors
casual computing
Post-industrial / digital technology
legacy + archetypes
latency – overtime we add affordances to the interaction
Mobile is a way to instrument the world – eric schmidt, MWC 2010
Going forward – always on & connected, what are we able to retrive that was lost.
emotional, aesthetic, physical, participatory, social, subjective, intentional, contextual
They are human
NM – Stimulant in Seattle
Touch, installations
highly casual public computing
sense of choice – ways of interction
DM – Sifteo
Combine unique hardware & software to encourage play
object based games take advantage of our ability to grasp and change things – objects can help us to think about problems as it allows us to get ideas out of our heads
video games are a form of recreational problem solving
Siftables combine object based classic games & video games to create a new way of play
JL –
We are already past the desktop
Computation power vs capacity of human attention – we haven’t kept up with Moore’s law
Teh desktop metaphor only works in the human scale the desktop of keyboard & mouse.
in small devices touch makes sense
in big devices using your small device to operate the big device makes sense again
Production happens on laptop & desktop
Consumption happens on mobiles & TV devices
Multi-personal touch
Speach interaction & gesture where it makes sense
** Goal of devices is to capture intent
This doesn’t come for free – not just interaction but also the software & programming & UX behind it.
UX = PSuccess * Benefit – [PFaiure*Cost]
Good Experience design
Touch is < 1% of mobile phones Good hardware, software & experience design What is the expressivity of an interaction that allows for user intent? - Merril music is a great genre to explore interactivity as anything can be turned into a musical instrument - Lee