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Dog Tusseling, or Why Does Kimchi Hate Me?

Scruffy & Magnus

Photo of Scruffy & Magnus taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Wed 03.10.10 – Today was the day I was too be running around errands, finishing up details, laundry, packing, etc etc etc, in preparation for a 6am flight Thursday morning to Austin, Texas.
The whole day today was derailed by a nasty light phobic migraine that kept me in bed until around 4pm. It is all the fault of kimchi and my innate pre-travel fridge frugality. I always feel the need to not waste any food that might go off while I am out traveling and I try to make all kinds of interesting dishes before I depart as to not have to throw anything out.
This is a bad impulse. I have now gotten sick 3x just before flying. Silly me.
There was a large quart jar of kimchi from AR supermarket that was in the final dregs for a couple of weeks now living on the top shelf of my fridge. Why I felt compelled to eat the remainders I don’t know, since I already know that kimchi older than a couple of days makes me tummy sick & triggers headaches. Le Sigh.
So, today’s photo was of Scruffy & Magnus wrestling while I was trying to recoup from my ill-advise kimchi consumption.
Tomorrow, super early, I am off to SXSW for Interactive. See you there!