Conversation with TuttleLA folk and Lloyd Davis

Video by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

Fri 03.19.10 – Lloyd Davis of the London Tuttle Club joined the Los Angeles / Long Beach Tuttle today as a part of his #Tuttle2Texas trip.
In this video taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86 I interviewed Geoff Hickman, Jeb Brilliant, Lloyd Davis, Al Pavangkanan, Luke Dorny, Francine Kizner, and AJ Pape.
Geoff also made a video where he asked Lloyd about the start of Tuttle and posted it here.
Tuttle2Texas Posterous:
Thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia for the loan of the Nokia N86 8MP camera phone so that I could capture great video & stills.

3 thoughts on “Conversation with TuttleLA folk and Lloyd Davis

  1. Al – Essential Tremor (, I have it. Actually, so does my dad and grandpa. I have had a noticeable tremor in my hands since I was about 13.
    Luke – I liked the orange & black that both you & Al were sporting.

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