FlyinAce2000 Installs Mac OS X on the Nokia Booklet

Wed 02.03.10 – William Sisti, aka Flyinace2000, tweeted me today asking if I had seen his twitters about installing Mac OS X on the Nokia Booklet 3G, here is the transcript of our Twitter conversation:

William: @msjen Have you been following my tweets lately? I got OSX on the Nokia Booklet 3G. about 9 hours ago
Me: @Flyinace2000 I have been a twitter near blackout for the last 3 days due to my TweetDeck being down. Are you going to blog how you did it? about 9 hours ago
William: @msjen I did OSX only now. Working on finishing walk through that i will post in soon. Still ironing out details. about 9 hours ago
Me: @Flyinace2000 A blog post with specifics would be lovely. Did you dual boot or OS X only? about 9 hours ago
Me: @Flyinace2000 Is it your own bought Booklet or a review trial one? Mine is a trial, so if I can’t dual boot w/o harm, I will let you try. 😉 about 8 hours ago
William: @msjen It is on loan but i had permission to do whatever i wanted to get this to work. about 8 hours ago
Me: @Flyinace2000 Did you install any of the mac software like iPhoto, iMovie, or the like? iMovie would die an evil death on 1gb of RAM, though about 7 hours ago
William: @msjen I didn’t bother too. those applications require GPU support that the gma500 can’t provide. about 7 hours ago

Now it is Flyinace2000’s last twitter comment that makes me think that Ubuntu or linux is really the choice for a dual boot or alterna-boot to Windows 7 on the Nokia Booklet 3G, as Ubuntu is a light operating system to install on a netbook and comes with a ton of creative and productivity software. It is great to get an OS like Mac OS X on the Booklet, but if the Intel Poulsbo chip and the 1 GB of RAM won’t support the native Mac software that would extend the capabilities of the Booklet or netbook beyond surfing the internet and doing email, then what is the point other than proving one can do it?
The point to having a mini-laptop is to be able to work and play on it when out and about. At this point, Windows 7 Starter that comes shipped on the Booklet is a non-starter, but Ubuntu via Wubi really is a great alternative if one is willing to live with a 800×600 screen resolution until a stable driver for the Intel Poulsbo chip is worked out, as Ubuntu sits lightly on the Booklet and is a power house of a OS plus it comes with creativity and productivity software.