Dog Beach, This Afternoon from the Lens of the Nokia N97

Dog Beach signs and dog bags moved 20+ ft inland due loss of Beach Beach Erosion Scooped out Beach from El Nino Storms This is a minus 1 ft Tide, up near the old high tide line! Lovely Day The Cliffs

Photos by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Thurs 02.25.10 – Today was the first day in many weeks that Scruffy, Belle, and I went down to Dog Beach, the lack of which has been a combination of winter storms and Scruffy’s being a bit ill a few weeks back. When we arrived today in time for the afternoon low tide a very different Dog Beach greeted us. There has been a great deal of beach erosion and re-contouring of the sand & beach due to the powerful El Nino storms we have had the last two months.